Benefit from up-to-date product information around environmental and human health & safety, compliance, performance, technical data, market-access and sustainability

In a digitally connected world, for businesses and consumers alike, we have access to endless amounts of data and information to help make buying decisions. Whether you are looking for a component, material and/or ingredient for inclusion in a product, or an end-product, UL will inform and accelerate your decision-making, by delivering real-time, targeted, quality information, at the right time in the way you need it.

Product Decision Support Tools

Benchmark Performance and Test

Benchmarks & Performance Tests

Measure and compare the performance and battery life of PCs, tablets, and smartphones with our industry-standard benchmarking software.

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Good Guide Search

GoodGuide Search Engine

Search for healthier personal care, household, food, and baby & kids products, backed by science-based product ratings on the GoodGuide search engine.

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Prospector Material & Component Search

Prospector Material Search Engine 

Find accurate and reliable technical information for hundreds of thousands of products from suppliers around the world to help you identify materials and innovate faster.

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purview retail sustainability software platform


Go beyond regulatory compliance, and streamline the process of creating and meeting retailer sustainability standards, with our dynamic PurView platform.

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