Organize, manage and optimize your sales funnel with UL’s product promotion tools

You can offer the most innovative product in your industry, but if no one knows about it, sales will likely flag. Product listings, lead generation, CRM integration, content marketing – UL’s suite of marketing tools help launch your product and keep it in front of interested audiences. Plus, real-time analytics give you an extra advantage in developing business strategy to maintain momentum.

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Good Guide Marketing Services

GoodGuide  Marketing Services  

Enhance visibility for your consumer products and reach new health conscious customers backed by GoodGuide science-based product ratings.

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Prospector Marketing Services

Prospector Marketing Services

Partner with Prospector to access insights from hundreds of thousands of product developers, designers and engineers who rely on Prospector to find raw materials quickly.

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Benchmark Performance and Test

Benchmarks & Performance Tests

Measure and compare the performance and battery life of PCs, tablets, and smartphones with our industry-standard benchmarking software.

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