Author safety data sheets & distribute them efficiently.

With products to develop, new markets to enter, orders to ship and customer demands to meet, providing accurate and compliant hazard communication has never been more important.

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Hazard Communication & SDS Authoring

Staying compliant with multilingual SDSs and other hazard communication documentation is a requirement across the globe. UL provides a variety of flexible solutions to fulfill these requirements and automate the process to help ensure accuracy and save you time.

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Increase chemical safety and improve compliance with streamlined global hazard communication authoring and distribution

In a complex and ever-evolving chemical regulatory landscape, how are you ensuring accurate and sustained chemical product compliance? Utilize UL as your trusted compliance experts to help you overcome and comply with global regulatory standards in Environment, Health and Safety. Whether you require SDS authoring, raw material introduction, report creation, or distribution and workflow management, you can leverage UL’s industry-leading expertise, technology and data for an integrated compliance solution to handle the chemical regulatory aspects of your business.

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Automated SDS Authoring & Labeling

Create, analyse, manage and distribute globally compliant, multilingual hazard communication documentation including SDSs, chemical hazard labels and exposure scenarios. With configurable and flexible software tools for businesses of all sizes, backed by world-class regulatory expertise, you can streamline and automate your authoring and material management processes and proactively adapt to global regulatory changes with confidence.

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Intelligent Chemical Management

Proactively manage the environmental, health and safety aspects of your materials and chemicals to reduce risks to people and the environment. With UL’s market-leading chemical compliance solutions, you can control your inventory, report on anything, and provide the technical and compliance information required to develop products quicker, and with the regulatory insights to avoid costly delays.

UL SDS Authoring Solutions for a Global Market

WERCS Studio

WERCS Studio compliance software is designed to help you efficiently manage your Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) initiatives and mitigate risks of non-compliance.


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ULGHS - Self-service Safety Data Sheet authoring and creation tool

The ULGHS self-service SDS (Safety Data Sheet) authoring tool is a first of its kind, automated GHS-compliant SDS authoring solution perfectly suited for the small to mid-size company that produce chemical-containing products.

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