Manage product and supply chain risk to deliver market readiness and product compliance

In an ever-evolving regulatory and retail landscape, achieving and maintaining chemical compliance is a relentless pursuit requiring awareness and interpretation of compliance standards. Regulatory compliance officers often shoulder the task of untangling the complex web of global requirements that vary from country to country and region to region. And then once your product is delivered, you must also comply with retailer-specific standards to place your product on their shelves.

Keeping track of the thousands of regulatory and retailer requirements is a daunting task. To ensure product salability, product management teams must have the support of accurate and dependable resources. UL’s sophisticated commercial market insights, regulatory data hub and proven regulatory expertise help you efficiently manage your global compliance obligations — such as SDS Authoring and hazard communication throughout the supply chain.

Our intelligence solutions empower you to achieve and maintain compliance with efficiency and confidence.

Intelligent Compliance Capabilities

Regulatory Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Draw on the expertise of highly trained scientists who can provide market readiness assessments, regulatory analysis and training, SDS authoring, and more.

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Product Chemical Compliance

Chemical & Product Compliance

Utilize an experienced global network of scientists, consultants and regulatory experts as your trusted partner, helping you ensure frictionless compliance across all phases of your products’ life cycles. 

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Chemical Policy Management

Intelligent solutions to allow smarter management of your product portfolio. Achieve sustainability excellence, identify market-relevant attributes, and gain a commercial advantage over competitors. 

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Data Insights & Analytics

Data Insights & Analytics

Quickly and easily find the information you need to understand and confidently comply with applicable regulations. Our tools put requirements in context.

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Hazard Communications

Hazard Communications

From Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring and distribution, to chemical hazard labeling, to transportation, achieve accurate global compliance to seamlessly facilitate business continuity and new growth opportunities.

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Material & Supply Chain Management

Material & Supply Chain Management

Take advantage of secure product intelligence tools to streamline the exchange and management of material, product and supplier information, enabling fluid supply chain advancement. 

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Product Benchmarking

Product Benchmarking

Comprehensive, industry-backed benchmarking solutions to measure, understand and manage product performance. Comply with industry standards and gain an invaluable commercial advantage over competitors. 

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Regulatory Monitoring

Regulatory Monitoring

Utilize a worldwide network of regulatory experts as your trusted partner to provide global insights and guide decision-making, helping you save time and money in product development. 

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Retail Compliance

Retail Compliance

Gain quick and easy access to the data you need to achieve chemical compliance and sustainability excellence for your product portfolio – meeting both government and consumer demands. 

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Understand the diverse set of regulatory requirements and how to confront them. Our courses are designed and taught by experts who work with these regulations every day.

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