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In a complex world of consumer demands, scientific discovery and regulatory changes, chemical formulators and product developers need dynamic tools and expert guidance to help identify the best ingredients, materials and components for your project. UL offers information, software and advisory services, backed by the expertise of regulatory specialists, toxicologists, scientists and leading industry suppliers from around the globe.

Whether you’re engineering a new chemical, designing an innovative computer part, or formulating the next generation of skin care, UL can help you make smarter decisions that produce optimal end products. We offer technical data on hundreds of thousands of materials to expedite ingredient selection, scientifically-backed analytical tools to predict potential compliance hurdles and experienced regulatory advisors to ensure market readiness.

Our intelligence solutions empower you to make better decisions and deliver safer, more effective products to market.

Intelligent Innovation Capabilities

Regulatory Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Draw on the expertise of highly trained scientists and regulatory experts who can provide market readiness assessments, regulatory analysis and training, SDS authoring and more.

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Scientist examining samples with plants

Green Chemistry

Develop safer products and reduce risk throughout the supply chain, from development to disposal, with tools to help predict chemical hazards and promote product sustainability.

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Material Component Search

Material & Component Search

Access technical documents, evaluate materials specifications and certifications, and request samples and product assistance with our proprietary platform.

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Product Decision Support

Product Decision Support

Confidently make informed business choices, even in an ever-changing and unpredictable environment, by improving your product selections and supplier communication.

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Understand the diverse set of regulatory requirements and how to confront them. Our courses are designed and taught by experts who work with these regulations every day.

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