Benchmark Performance and Test

Benchmarks & Performance Tests

Measure and compare the performance and battery life of PCs, tablets, and smartphones with our industry-standard benchmarking software.

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ChemAdvisor Online

ChemADVISOR Online

Search for regulatory information on specific chemicals and chemical groups on ChemADVISOR Online – a fast, reliable and cost-effective software tool.

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Chemical Registration Services

Chemical Registration Services

Leverage expert regulatory, toxicology and chemical industry advice from UL’s team to be sure that your company is achieving chemical registration compliance.

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Leveraging a curated database of 70 million structures and 300,000 labeled hazard endpoints, our solution utilizes an advanced algorithm to predict chemical hazards.

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GHS Professional

GHS Professional

Build a software platform to manage all aspects of hazard communication compliance with increased efficiency and confidence.

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Hazard Communication Advisory Services

Hazard Communication Services

Simplify the creation and maintenance of your written Hazard Communication program with the help of UL’s Advisory Services. 

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ChemAdvisor LoLi Database

LOLI Database

Access thousands of global regulatory lists on the LOLI database to assist you in complying with occupational, environmental, and health and safety regulations.

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LOLI Illuminator

Gain instant self-service access to high-quality chemical regulatory data monitoring, with personalized views and automated alerts which allow you to track and monitor regulatory changes with ease.

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Market Readiness Services

Market Readiness Assessment

Ensure your product is ready to sell in a given market or region by working with UL’s regulatory experts to understand and interpret how regulations may affect market entry, and how changing regulations can impact existing markets.

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ChemAdvisor Navigator


Learn and monitor the main chemical regulatory requirements of today’s chief economies with Navigator, a reference tool which is continuously updated by our regulatory experts.

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Prospector Marketing Services

Prospector Marketing Services

Secure actionable marketing intelligence and engage with hundreds of thousands of potential buyers researching materials on

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Prospector Material & Component Search

Prospector Materials Search Engine

Find accurate and reliable technical information for hundreds of thousands of products from suppliers around the world to help you identify materials and innovate faster.

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ChemAdvisor Pure Substance Database

Pure Substance Database

Access fully authored Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and Summary Sheets for more than 22,000 pure chemical substances on the Pure Substance Database.

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purview retail sustainability software platform


Go beyond regulatory compliance and streamline the process of creating and meeting retailer sustainability standards with our dynamic PurView platform.

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Supply Chain Network

Reduce the manual efforts of product questionnaires and increase accuracy and integrity while building data equity with Supply Chain Network.

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Toxicology Risk Assessment

Toxicology Risk Assessment

Summarize your products compliance with health and safety standards and regulations to ensure global market acceptance with a Toxicology Risk Assessment.

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ChemAdvisor Transportation Advisor

Transportation Advisor

Review transportation regulations – organized by UN number – including shipping names, packing groups, CFR notifications, synonyms and more with Transportation Advisor.

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Transportation Advisory Services

Transportation Advisory Services

Safely transport dangerous goods around the globe with the support of UL’s experts in ensuring proper classification, shipping name determination, labeling, placarding and marking of packages and package selection.

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Author safety data sheets on, an automated GHS-compliant SDS authoring solution for small to mid-sized companies.




Seamlessly create and deliver SDSs in more than 45 languages using a secure, company-specific, web-based platform.

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Connect retailers with their supply chain to meet critical compliance and safety needs, while protecting a supplier’s intellectual property with WERCSmart.

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WERCS Studio

WERCS Studio

Efficiently manage your Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) initiatives and mitigate the risks of non-compliance with our sophisticated WERCS Studio software.

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My-SDS Chemical Document Management Software

My-SDS is a chemical document management solution designed to meet the legal requirements for the provision of chemical hazard information for consumers and manage the distribution of safety data sheets (SDS or MSDS) to end users.

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