Search over three million records on hundreds of thousands of chemicals and regulations in seconds

ChemADVISOR Online is a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to search for regulatory information on specific chemicals and chemical groups. It’s the perfect way to perform regulatory checks on CAS numbers by chemical name, PMN number, EC number, and more.

ChemAdvisor Online

Three regulatory information sources with a one login

ChemADVISOR Online allows you to search the LOLI Database (List of Lists), the Transportation Database and the Pure Substance Database of pre-written SDSs.


Regulatory content updated weekly

ChemADVISOR Online is updated every week, so that you can be sure to have the most up to date regulatory information at your fingertips – every time you log in.


Search over half a million records of chemicals in seconds

Check your chemicals against our inventory lists, our extensive set of health and safety regulations and advisory sources, or both. Additionally, the integration of the Transportation Database and Pure Substance Database return pertinent transport information and pre-written SDSs for substances.

Subscription Options

Pay Per Query Pricing:

  • LOLI Query (Search ALL Lists): $40
  • SDS Query: $40
  • LOLI Query (Search Inventories ONLY): $25
  • Transportation Query: $40
  • Find a CAS Number: $15

Block Pricing:

  • Block of 1,000 points: $2000
  • Block of 5,000 points: $7250

Point Breakdown:

These points are subtracted from your total with each run of given query type.

  • LOLI All Lists Query: 10 points
  • SDS Query: 10 points
  • LOLI Inventories Only Query: 5 points
  • Transportation Query: 10 points
  • Find a CAS Number: 3 points

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