Quickly and accurately classify chemical substances with confidence

GHS Professional is an intelligent, modular digital platform designed by EH&S experts to help companies manage all aspects of hazard communication compliance – including managing and distributing Safety Data Sheets (SDS Authoring) —  across the supply chain. The platform is flexible and highly scalable, supporting single users within a small enterprise right through to multi-user global solutions.

GHS Professional

Scalable HazCom software solution

Never outgrow your hazard communication compliance platform. GHS Professional is a configurable hazard communication compliance software solution, offering the flexibility to adapt with your evolving business needs and regulatory obligations.

Chemical compliance just got easier

We have leveraged the deep knowledge of our regulatory experts across the world – who constantly monitor a complex matrix of international regulations – and our large team of IT professionals, to deliver a configurable solution to simplify the processes associated with hazard communication compliance, including: chemical classification, SDS authoring, hazard labelling, transportation documentation, poison centre notifciations and much more.

Intelligent algorithms designed by EH&S experts enable the system to perform extensive data population automatically to save your team time.

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Comply with Poison Centre obligations

UL’s team of Poison Centre experts have worked closely with ECHA to develop a comprehensive Poison Centre Notification (PCN) solution to help you meet your current and upcoming PCN obligations quickly and effectively.

GHS Professional’s PCN Module drastically reduces the amount of manual work required to notify poison centres throughout Europe. This intelligent solution will:

  • Automatically take relevant data from your Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Allow you to fill in any gaps that ECHA requires for the submission once the SDS data has been transposed
  • Allow you to validate the entry before submission
  • Send the submission to ECHA and the member states automatically via the module

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Get even more from GHS Professional

Add-on any of these modules to your existing GHS Professional platform.

Chemical Classification

Quickly determines the hazards associated with your chemical products

Understanding the hazardous effects of chemicals in your products is fundamental for ensuring you are able to communicate relevant safety information and help mitigate the potential risks for your workers, consumers and the environment. Save time and let our advanced algorithms quickly identify hazards to create classification reports in accordance with the various legislative implementations of GHS across the globe.

Global SDS Authoring

Simplifies the process of creating accurate and compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for global markets in over 40 languages

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are a legally required tool used across the supply chain to provide safety information to any person/s using your product. The document enables users to develop risks assessments for handling and storage, and information on emergency responses to incidents. Our automated Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring module helps users to utilize SDS templates, a robust phrase library, and database comprised of regulatory lists, reference sources and data points to confidently create these complex documents in minutes. The SDSs can be produced in over 40 languages according to local implementations of GHS.

Hazard Label Creation

Allows you to produce GHS compliant labels for international markets in seconds

Labels are another tool employed to help communicate safety information relating to hazardous chemicals in products. Our labelling module connects to your SDS library to automatically populate customizable hazard label templates with the most appropriate pictograms and warnings for the markets you supply in the local language. The labelling module can be configured to integrate with external databases to manage the inclusion of all-important additional production data.

Document Management

Provides a secure, central location to store and manage all of your chemical compliance documentation

International chemical hazard legislation outlines specific requirements relating to the management of hazard documentation. Our document management module acts as a central repository to store SDSs and other hazard documentation in accordance with those regulations. Users can upload documentation automatically and manually to create an organized catalogue of hazard documentation. Access can be granted for internal and external individuals to easily share hazard information in an instant, including Retailers and emergency response organizations.

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SDS Distribution

Streamlines your internal processes by intuitively automating the distribution of Safety Data Sheets when legally required

Our SDS distribution module integrates with sales order systems to efficiently manage the automatic distribution Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) when legally required. At the point of sale, the software instantly establishes a requirement to supply a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and distributes as necessary. Advanced reporting features provide full traceability of products ordered by a customer, a record of opened Safety Data Sheet (SDS) links – as well as the versions issued. Users can also opt to distribute all SDSs at one time to avoid disruption to internal IT operations.


Incorporates regional implementations of GHS legislation to produce compliant chemical hazard safety information for the markets you supply to across the globe

Supplying products containing chemicals to multiple markets presents a whole host of challenges. In order to comply with continuity, those responsible for creating and managing hazard documentation must monitor a plethora of complex and evolving regulations across the world simultaneously and constantly. Our jurisdiction modules intelligently apply the country-specific requirements of local legislation when creating hazard documentation to save your team hours of work.


Save time and money producing good quality translated versions of your chemical hazard communication compliance documents

We have a huge selection of language modules available to help users overcome difficulties and costs associated with translating chemical hazard documents. Our international team have meticulously populated an extensive phrase library, applying local knowledge for more accurate translations of phrases. Language modules utilize this library to generate translated documentation, in as many languages as required at one time.

Chemical Transportation

Helps companies fulfil legal requirements quickly

Calculate transport hazards and create Dangerous Goods Notes (DGNs) quickly and easily using our advanced transport software.



Creates the relevant legislative documents required when supplying in Europe

The European market has stringent requirements for detergent hazard information. Our classification module helps users to produce compliant detergent datasheets and provides the information necessary to create appropriate labels. The module also enables users to determine the presence of specific allergenic fragrances.

Poison Centre Notification (PCN)

A comprehensive solution for making Poison Centre Notifications

Companies selling products into the EU need to comply with Poison Centre regulations before the various deadlines. While the European
Chemicals Agency (ECHA) website allows you to complete your Poison Centre Notification submission online, this a complex and demanding
manual process. GHS Professional’s PCN module provides a comprehensive solution for making Poison Centre Notifications under Article 45 of CLP.

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