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GoodGuide is a product rating system designed to provide consumers with the information they need to make better shopping decisions. As a product manufacturer, GoodGuide Product Submission allows you to upload product information to GoodGuide, preview the GoodGuide Rating, publish, and reach thousands of consumers every month for only $350/year per product.

For over a decade, GoodGuide scientists have rated thousands of products and guided millions of people to healthier choices.


GoodGuide Product Rating

About GoodGuide® Ratings

GoodGuide Ratings are based on an evaluative health algorithm that was developed by leading experts in the fields of health sciences. Currently spanning two core categories, Personal Care, and Household products, GoodGuide’s catalog includes thousands of products.

The scoring framework runs on an established platform that 11,000+ product manufacturers have depended on for over 10 years to meet the regulatory and sustainability mandates of 40+ retailers. UL’s trusted software allows suppliers to provide formulation data about their products to a secure platform so that it can be used for regulatory compliance evaluations.



CGG Getting Started

What's needed to get started

  1. Formulation data (If your formulation includes a proprietary third-party component, that product is not eligible to participate in this program at this time. This is subject to change.)
  2. UPCs and product attributes
  3. Marketing and Product Assets (product image, brand logo, website links, etc.)
  4. Third-party Certifications (i.e., Ecologo, CradletoCradle,Green Good Housekeeping Seal, EPA Safer Choice, etc..)

Rating eligibility

GoodGuide Ratings are currently open to products in the Household Cleaner and Personal Care categories.

GoodGuide Product Product Page

Benefits of partnership


Enhance visibility

Enhance your visibility in the marketplace by adding your product to the most credible and widely used online catalog of rated consumer products.

Expand reach

Expand the reach of your brand to new consumers actively looking for detailed product information by placing an advertorial showcasing the value of your product and your brand story.


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Learn how to upload product information, preview the GoodGuide Rating, publish, and reach thousands of consumers every month for only $350/year per product.

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