On-demand chemical regulatory monitoring and automated tracking

UL’s Illuminator harnesses the quality and power of ChemADVISOR’s Regulatory Database, with intuitive simplicity. Personalized views, filtering by country, industry, and hazard types, and automated alerts allows you to track and monitor chemical regulatory changes with ease.

LOLI Illuminator

Stay on top of the chemical regulations affecting your business

With all the software and subscriptions out there, shouldn’t staying on top of how chemical regulations affect your business be easier?

We believe that early and individualized discovery of how change affects your products protects the value of your hard work, and that access to the correct data early on will save you time and money in product launch and redevelopment cycles.

Illuminator is an unparalleled combination of highly structured and intelligently linked data with an intuitive and personalized design, so you’ll find exactly what you need and get notified of change without all the noise.

Intelligent connections built-in

  • Instantly tap into the power of UL’s Regulatory Database from anywhere
  • Screen ingredients in record time
  • Explore industry sectors and hazard information by tags
  • Get the weekly scoop on new and changing regulations
  • See new lists first to maximize the value of your subscription

Tools to put your time where it matters



Intuitive indexed search

delivers what you need faster.



Personalized views of data

focus on what matters to you.

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Change Alerts

Automated + focused alerts

for changes in data.



Share your data and expertise

with your team.



Monitor all additions to substances

and lists of concern.

Our data supports a diverse set of industry sectors

Food and beverages

Personal care and cosmetics

Specialty and lab chemicals

Paints and coatings

Pesticides and biocides

Electrical and electronic equipment

Toys and children’s products

Textiles and clothing

Illuminator supports your team

Screen Ingredients

  • Drag-and-drop formulation upload
  • Compare regulatory burden within seconds
  • Filter for hazards and industry-specific regulations
  • Define your own policies for product lines using personalized Collections
  • Export results files for record-keeping
  • Share expertise, frequently used ingredients, and list-related policies in and across your teams

Portfolio Change Monitoring

  • Organize all your ingredients via Substance Collections
  • Define regions and industries of interest to personalize your change notification
  • Automated tailored weekly change monitoring alerts
  • Sync from your UL WERCS Studio database to maintain your portfolio (optional!)

Regulatory Forecasting

  • Identify substances receiving attention from advocacy and advisory groups (e.g. SIN list, company RSLs)
  • Follow changes to your lists of interest using List Radar
  • Use expert-identified forward-looking lists to preview possible changes: which substances will become SVHCs?

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Vet your ingredients and products against personalized Collections of lists to perform hazard assessments and determine your path to market, and we’ll protect your hard work by tracking the regulatory changes that could affect you.


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If UL’s Regulatory Database is already powering your EHS software solution, uncover the greatest value from your subscription. You’ll independently uncover additional sources and connections and get early insight into changes without disturbing your regular processes.


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