Market Readiness Services

Customize your approach for Market Readiness with expert feedback and advice

Work with UL’s experts to identify products (and the substances in them) that are regulated and interpret how regulations may affect your attempts to push product to market, or maintain business continuity for existing products under ever-changing regulations. UL’s team of experts monitor regulations around the world.

Receive feedback to your unique situation, identify any gaps that need to be addressed, and steps needed before your material can be declared “Market Ready.”

Gain proactive insight to the impact of changing regulations to your existing product portfolio.

Market Readiness

Comprehensive support and expert feedback to ensure optimal Market Readiness

  • Product development support
  • Identification of chemicals/substance of very high concern, alternative chemical identification /greener alternatives
  • Predictive toxicology
  • Regulatory impact assessment, barrier to market identification
  • Regulatory inventory status assessments
  • Proactive compliance
  • Better planning for optimum implementation of change
  • Identify future changes that will impact products and business processes and provide input into an action plan addressing these

Comprehensive evaluation to determine product salability

In evaluating a product’s market readiness, or salability, we examine a scope including:

  • Substance registration/notification
  • Product registration/notification
  • Product use specific requirements
  • Import certification/licensing requirements
  • Product launch
  • Work with experts at UL to complete a product review, including composition/formulation review, in order to identify compliance issues prior to product launch
  • Identification of country requirements
  • Hazard communication
    • Labelling (consumer, industrial/professional)
    • Hazard documentation (language, format, country-specifics)
    • Risk assessments (toxicological)
    • cosmetic product safety report
  • Poison centres

Additional considerations

Does the product type, use, composition or destination country require special considerations to be taken into account for compliance purposes?

UL experts can provide information about specific requirements and assist with planning/delivery of information, including:

  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) limits, Alternative Control Plan (ACP) or an Innovative Product Exemption
  • Waste classification, e.g. the EU and USA Lists of Wastes
  • Water Hazard Classification (WGK) for Germany

How can we help you?

Speak with one of our experts about our Market Readiness Services, or to simply learn more about how we can help you easily navigate global regulatory requirements and pursue accurate chemical compliance.