Newsletters, targeted by segment and region, connect you with verified industry professionals

With millions of Prospector newsletters each year featuring multiple newsletter advertising options, you have the tools to deliver your message. Advertising options range from branding to product engagement. Users engage with Prospector newsletters at industry-leading rates due to the critical supplier information, industry expertise and information that the newsletters have to offer.

Leaderboard Ads
Leaderboards Ads are positioned at the top of each eNewsletter to increase brand exposure and generate awareness for your company’s products. You can link to your products and drive Prospector Users to your Prospector Listing, which will generate tracked activity.

Spotlight Ads
Newsletter Spotlight Ads build awareness and drive traffic to your Prospector Listing. This newsletter advertising option features large-format ads which are designed to educate customers about your company and product offerings. (Availability varies by industry.)

Box Ad
Box Ads in the Prospector eNewsletters are great for sharing in-depth product information with your target audience.

Image and/or Text Advertisement
Highlight a specific product, drive traffic to your Prospector Listing or let us customize a campaign for you. Both image-based and text-based box ads are available.

White Paper Download
Promote technical and industry-specific information to Prospector newsletter subscribers. Promote technical articles, product overviews and industry trends to your target audience.

Enhanced Product Announcement (EPA)
EPAs are the ideal tool to reach your target audience and generate interest in your products – especially when they’re new. Feature your product or formulation and logo for more prominence in the eNewsletter.

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