Strategically place key messages on Prospector's Search Engine and Knowledge Center to create awareness and measurable engagement

Prospector banner ad for brand awareness

Banner Ads

Place your marketing message in strategic locations on and the Prospector Knowledge Center with onsite advertising.  Industry targeting is available to reach your audience as they engage with specific content. You may target specific messages on by industry, geographic region, country, business type or keywords to align with the interests of your audience.


Featured Product

Putting your brand at the top of a search results page on Prospector is easy with this onsite advertising option. Just tell us the search terms for which you would like to feature your product and we help you gain visibility. When a Prospector member performs a relevant search, your product will appear at the top of the list in a blue button. When clicked, the button expands to show your company logo, product description, and a link for contacting you. (Available in Plastics only)


Sponsored Search

Maximize visibility and document views in Prospector search results with Sponsored Search Results. This paid onsite advertising service ensures your product or formulation is highlighted at the top of the search results when it’s relevant to the searcher’s query. (Not available in Plastics.)


Where to Buy

Place your company name and contact information in front of qualified professionals looking to purchase products you distribute. Detailed information is available for those individuals engaging with your contact information in select industries.

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Case Study

Learn how one of our customers exceeds trade show lead expectations by leveraging Prospector digital media.

Case Study- Prospector Digital Media

2020 Digital Media Kit

Learn more about reaching Prospector’s audience with our digital media solutions.

Learn submission requirements and best practices for all advertising & digital media products.

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