Incorporate Prospector’s cutting edge search technology into your website and secure marketing intelligence


Leverage Prospector search technology and generate marketing intelligence

The Private Label Search Engine puts the Prospector search technology on your website securing technical information for only your products. This seamless experience allows you to provide your website visitors world class material search functionality while keeping customers on your own website.

This solution provides you intelligence around who is interested in each product and it allows marketing and sales teams to determine and direct the appropriate next steps.


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Manage who views the technical information for your products

Your website visitors are able to quickly find the materials they are looking for. Visitors receive a prompt to register with their email and some basic information. Behind the scene, the Prospector confirms the visitors and and provides password-protected access to your company’s technical documentation. With this access point on your website, Prospector will provide you valuable intelligence helping you identify which products interest your visitors most. All of this intelligence and detailed information is shared with you with you regularly.

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