Why build a sustainable product development platform?

Producers of formulated products confront a rapidly changing market landscape. Responding to consumer demand for “safer” and “greener” products, major retailers are beginning to insist that producers move beyond regulatory compliance to deliver products that avoid chemicals of concern, utilize sustainable input materials, and exhibit other salient green attributes such as reduced waste.

Producers that proactively integrate safer chemicals and sustainability considerations into their product development process are best positioned to succeed in this challenging landscape.

Executing in this environment requires decision-support and information management systems that enable a producer to collect essential data from its supply chain, screen and qualify its material inputs, and make complex tradeoffs in its product design process.


PurView Evaluative Framework

PurView can help

UL’s PurView® Platform is a comprehensive data management and decision support platform that enables companies to share information about material inputs, products and suppliers up and down the supply chain.

PurView brings the “Demand Chain” together – easing the flow of information and accelerating the development of more sustainable products by supporting:

  • Regulatory: Manage the panoply of regulatory requirements impacting chemical selection, to ensure compliance with local, state, federal or international regulations.
  • Sustainability: Integrate consideration of new areas of concern into material selection (e.g., ensure that input materials are sustainably sourced) and product design (e.g., reduce the impacts associated with the consumer use phase of a product’s lifecycle)
  • Optimizations: Balance the trade-offs involved in deciding which green attributes to emphasize in your product development efforts.



PurView Material Composition

For Purchasers

Retailers, Group Purchasing Organizations and Institutional Purchasers use PurView to curate your product assortment and ensure it meets your customers needs. Define the product attributes that matter to your merchants and collect the data you need to evaluate products against these criteria.

Assess products for their compliance with chemical regulations or policies and conduct in-depth evaluations of chemical composition or bills of material. Expand the scope of your product quality program to include custom sustainability or performance attributes.




PurView Product Attributes Sample

Tools for intelligent sourcing

Using PurView, purchasers and manufacturers can specify the information they need from their supply chain in order to buy or develop better products. Products can be evaluated against a wide range of regulatory or enterprise-specific requirements.

Customizable qualification and scoring rules make it easy to sort products by quality and identify areas of strength or weakness. Purchasers can share their evaluative framework with manufacturers and their suppliers, so entire supply chains can work in collaboration to produce better products.



PurView Product Portfolio Scoring

For Suppliers

Use PurView to curate your product portfolio and ensure it meets your customers needs. Identify the product attributes that define a quality product from your perspective, and collect the data you need from your supply chain to ensure you can optimize your product development efforts. Evaluate raw material or chemical inputs and their suppliers, contract manufacturing operations, or virtually any aspect of your operations.

Collect and manage the information you need to demonstrate your product stewardship activities, with in-depth evaluations of chemical composition or bills of material.




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