Powerful, configurable & global regulatory compliance software

WERCS Studio compliance software is designed to help you efficiently manage your Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) initiatives and mitigate risks of non-compliance. This hazard communication (Hazcom) and chemical data management software is comprised of 30+ scalable modules that provide the most comprehensive and flexible automated solutions available, including Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring, Labeling, and MSDS management.

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Equipped for global chemical compliance

WERCS Studio compliance software is well-equipped for global business needs, including more than 6,500 global regulations and 21,000 certified safety phrases in 45 languages. Plus, the solution goes well beyond authoring Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Whether it’s SDS Authoring, raw material introduction, report creation, or distribution and workflow management, UL offers the functionality to streamline hazard communication processes.

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A robust EHS & chemical data management platform

WERCS Studio’s expertly curated features and unprecedented data resources allow you to adapt, scale and succeed:

  • UL certified SDS templates for any region
  • Characterize any chemical, assembled or hybrid product in your system
  • Streamline your raw material data for higher quality compliance and faster market access
  • Substance volume tracking to provide a granular analysis of chemical volumes shipped
  • Submit compliant Poison Centre Notifications (PCN) quickly and easily
  • A user empowering platform giving you the shortest path to compliance
  • A scalable solution which will not be outgrown
  • Leverage UL’s industry-leading expertise, technology and data for a totally integrated, co-ordinated and packaged compliance system

Get more from WERCS Studio

Add-on any of these modules to your existing WERCS Studio platform.

Modules to Author

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A comprehensive solution for making Poison Centre Notifications under Article 45 of the CLP regulation.

PowerENTRY™ Module supports the data entry “role”.

A data entry module with the added ability to authorize and publish documents.

PowerDESIGNER™ Plus empowers the user to easily design, create, and manage structured document templates.

The GHS Wizard is a tool for fulfilling GHS requirements, calculating classifications and then applying the corresponding communication elements for the SDS, Label, and other compliance documents.

Transport classification tool that will classify product based on the transport regulations associated with the chemicals in the product and automatically populate appropriate chapters of the SDS.

This module empowers the user to create, edit, and manage custom automation logic (rules) without reliance on additional programming or technical support.

This module supports the creation, maintenance, and analysis of regulations against chemicals and products.

Modules to Manage

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One Time Setup of Global System Parameters, and Audit Monitoring.

Gives administrator the authority to assign roles and access rights to specific users.

A graphical based designed tool to create product hazard and safety labels.

Tool to manage configurable business processes specific to tasks associated with
document communication.

Transport classification tool that will classify product based on the transport regulations associated with the chemicals in the product and automatically populate appropriate chapters of the SDS.

Individually available pre-translated phrase languages.

Streamline the process of introducing new chemicals into an organization.

A recommended module for the authoring department when a Formulation Interface exists between WERCS® and an organization’s formulation system.

For the management of vendor, raw-material and MRO Safety Data Sheets.

A tool that simplifies the writing of reports to extract data from the WERCS database.

Aggregates data to provide a granular analysis of chemical volumes shipped, based on finished CAS level formulations, in order to comply with REACH and other global chemical regulations.

These tools provide the ability to integrate, review and manage the impact of regulations seamlessly within the WERCS® application.

Modules to Distribute

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A tool that publishes documents, real-time, to an internet/intranet.

Allows plant/warehouse level personnel to print out labels directly.

Allows for the management and tracking of customer document history and ad hoc document distribution.

Provides bulk extraction capabilities for published product documents based on specific user defined criteria.

A powerful transaction-based analyzer to support global compliance on sales and shipment of regulated products.

(Data Transformation Engine) DTE Interface 14 provides an automated bi-directional linkage between WERCS Studio and other internal systems for sharing of data and documents.

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