WERCSmart connects manufacturers with retailers to meet product compliance, chemical transparency and safety requirements within today's complex supply chains

See how our trusted WERCSmart supply chain compliance program helps customers organize, analyze, and share sensitive product information with the highest standards of confidentiality and service.



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The world's leading retailers use WERCSmart to help mitigate risk

The WERCSmart retail supply chain compliance program is an industry-leading risk mitigation platform developed specifically to give retailers with complex supply chains quick and easy access to accurate regulatory compliance and safety data.

WERCSmart provides retailers with critical data to ensure the correct handling, transportation, storage and disposal of chemical-containing products. The growing challenges associated with reverse logistics, municipality-based product restrictions and state-specific hazardous waste regulations are streamlined by the WERCSmart solution.


WERCSmart Program - for Manufacturers and Intermediaries

For Manufacturers and Distributors

Global supply chains use the WERCSmart retail supply chain compliance program to access retail markets. With a single product registration, suppliers can publish results to over 50 participating retailers and 105,000 stores and distribution centers, while keeping their confidential data private and secure. A WERCSmart subscription helps manufacturers:

  • Stay compliant and on retail store shelves of over 50+ retailers by submitting their product information all at once
  • Learn more about their supply chain and products’ sustainability attributes
  • Streamline data management with dependable client technical support
  • Reduce costs with insights from UL global regulatory experts


WERCSmart Program for Retailers

For Retailers

Retailers receive the most comprehensive, validated compliance data set for products currently being sold in their stores and online.  The WERCSmart retail supply chain compliance program helps Retailers:

  • Protect employees and customers from dangerous chemical spills
  • Create and manage a customized, auditable database outlining required safety precautions for selling, handling, storing, transporting and disposing of chemical- and battery-containing products
  • Collect and assess sustainability attributes of products
  • Reduce costly hazardous waste disposal fines
  • Stay compliant with local and federal regulations
  • Collect packaging stewardship data at the UPC level


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Learn how the WERCSmart retail supply chain compliance program helps both retailers and product suppliers.

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