Packaging EPR in the WERCSmart Program

WERCSmart packaging EPR

Collecting packaging data through WERCSmart® ensures retailers pay only what they owe, and nothing more, into packaging EPR programs.

Governments have increasingly proposed packaging extended producer responsibility (EPR) solutions to tackle the abundance of packaging and printed paper waste in the marketplace. EPR shifts responsibility from taxpayers to producers for the full lifespan of obligated materials to encourage among other things, right-sizing of packaging, and innovative design.


Recycling EPR programs

Industry challenge

Today, retailers rely on manual time-consuming processes that generate data at the product category level rather than the individual UPC level. This practice has been shown to overestimate monies owed to EPR programs.

To meet EPR requirements, retailers require a digital solution that collects data at the UPC level to determine their exact financial contribution to packaging EPR programs.

WERCSmart Packaging EPR collection

How retailers benefit using WERCSmart

UL’s WERCSmart program has been at the forefront of helping retailers operating in Canada collect packaging and printed paper EPR data from their supply chains:

  • Collection of material type and weight by UPC
  • Identification of obligated steward
  • Collection of supplier attestation for chemical composition

Together, this data enables retailers to determine their exact financial obligations to EPR programs, preventing overpayment, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of their corporate packaging policies and progress towards their public-facing commitments.

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Learn how UL’s WERCSmart program can help you pay only what you owe into packaging EPR programs.

About the WERCSmart Program


The WERCSmart retail supply chain compliance program is an industry-leading risk mitigation platform developed specifically to give retailers with complex supply chains quick and easy access to accurate regulatory compliance and safety data.

WERCSmart provides retailers with critical data to ensure the correct handling, transportation, storage, and disposal of chemical-containing products. The growing challenges associated with reverse logistics, municipality-based product restrictions, and state-specific hazardous waste regulations are streamlined by the WERCSmart solution.


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