Chemical Inventory in Russia Underway: May 1st Deadline for Notification Draws Near

Posted on: April 13, 2020

by Konstantin Pimenov

Russian Flag - learn more about chemical inventoryThe May 1, 2020 deadline to nominate chemicals (i.e., to perform simple notification) to the inventory is quickly approaching; however, the subsequent inventory formation process and the government’s timelines are still not clear.

A draft of the “Procedures of notification of new chemical substances” was published in July 2018 and public discussion was completed, but no final document is available on the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) website yet.

Previously, EAEU planned to spend the 6 months after completion of the information-gathering period (currently set for May 1, 2020) to compare and analyze data received from each member-state and compile a union-wide registry of existing substances with minimal information about them. After that, about 8-10 months were intended for each member-state to update its registry with additional information on each chemical.

The type of information that is proposed to be added for each chemical is published in Annex 2 of the “Procedures of notification of new chemical substances.” The list is extensive, but some examples of the information to be gathered include:

  • production volumes;
  • recommendations for emergencies involving a chemical;
  • plans for future research on hazard assessment;
  • feasibility of substitution by less hazardous substances; and
  • measures for minimization of hazard impact.

After the member-states provide the additional information, a national part of the EAEU inventory would be considered complete.

The initial deadline to nominate chemicals was January 1, 2020,  but was delayed until the current May 1 deadline. Since the information-gathering period was extended by 4 months, it is likely that the whole process of inventory formation will be delayed as well.


Text of the draft procedure can be accessed on the portal of the Eurasian Economic Commission:

Annex 2 – Recommendations on writing a report on safety of a chemical:

Annex 3 – list of official informational sources:

Other related documents and results of public discussion:



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