China Moves to Revision 4 of GHS

Posted on: January 8, 2014

By Xunyao Fu, PhD.

The Standardization Administration of China (SAC) released 28 new mandatory standards for GHS classification and labelling of chemicals on October 10, 2013 as approved under SAC Notice No. 2013-20 and 21.  The new national standards (GB 30000.XX-2013), which will take effect on November 1, 2014, are in line with the 4th edition of the UN GHS and have adopted all the building blocks included therein.

Compared with the current Chinese national standards on chemical classification and labelling (GB 20576-2006 to GB 20602-2006), GB 30000 include two new hazard categories “Aspiration hazard” and “Hazardous to the ozone layer”.  The official documents have not yet been published; however, they are direct translations of the UN GHS revision 4.  The new standards are listed as below:

Standard No. Name (Safety rules for classification and labelling of chemicals for) Replaced Standard
GB 30000.2-2013 Explosives GB 20576-2006
GB 30000.3-2013 Flammable gases GB 20577-2006
GB 30000.4-2013 Aerosols GB 20578-2006
GB 30000.5-2013 Oxidizing gases GB 20579-2006
GB 30000.6-2013 Gases under pressure GB 20580-2006
GB 30000.7-2013 Flammable Liquids GB 20581-2006
GB 30000.8-2013 Flammable Solids GB 20582-2006
GB 30000.9-2013 Self-reactive substances and mixtures GB 20583-2006
GB 30000.10-2013 Pyrophoric liquids GB 20585-2006
GB 30000.11-2013 Pyrophoric solids GB 20586-2006
GB 30000.12-2013 Self-heating substances and mixtures GB 20584-2006
GB 30000.13-2013 Substances and mixtures which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases GB 20587-2006
GB 30000.14-2013 Oxidizing liquids GB 20589-2006
GB 30000.15-2013 Oxidizing solids GB 20590-2006
GB 30000.16-2013 Organic peroxides GB 20591-2006
GB 30000.17-2013 Corrosive to metals GB 20588-2006
GB 30000.18-2013 Acute toxicity GB 20592-2006
GB 30000.19-2013 Skin corrosion/irritation GB 20593-2006
GB 30000.20-2013 Serious eye damage/eye irritation GB 20594-2006
GB 30000.21-2013 Respiratory or skin sensitization GB 20595-2006
GB 30000.22-2013 Germ cell mutagenicity GB 20596-2006
GB 30000.23-2013 Carcinogenicity GB 20597-2006
GB 30000.24-2013 Reproductive toxicity GB 20598-2006
GB 30000.25-2013 Specific target organ toxicity – Single exposure GB 20599-2006
GB 30000.26-2013 Specific target organ toxicity – Repeated exposure GB 20601-2006
GB 30000.27-2013 Aspiration hazard
GB 30000.28-2013 Hazardous to the aquatic environment GB 20602-2006
GB 30000.29-2013 Hazardous to the ozone layer


SAC Notice No. 2013-20
SAC Notice No. 2013-21


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