China Officially Launches the National Internet Platform for Hazardous Chemicals

Posted on: June 5, 2020

by Lily Hou, PhD, CHMM

photo of a hand typing on a keyboard - China Officially Launches the National Internet Platform for Hazardous ChemicalsOn May 18, 2020, China’s National Registration Center for Chemicals (NRCC) officially launched the National Internet Service Platform for Hazardous Chemicals. The platform consists of two databases that provide registration information, chemical properties, hazard communication and emergency response guidelines for hazardous chemicals.

Under the Measures for the Administration of Registration of Hazardous Chemicals (2012), Chinese manufacturers and importers of hazardous chemicals must register their products with the NRCC prior to manufacture or import. The first database provides searchable details of chemical registration Information submitted by the registrants. Readers can acquire the following two types of information:

  • information on the registrant, including company name, address, business type (manufacturer or importer), emergency consultation service phone number, and the validity period of the hazardous chemical registration certificate.
  • information on the registered hazardous chemical, including chemical identity, label elements, emergency response guidance and main uses of the product.

The second database contains hazard information of approximately 3000 chemicals provided by the NRCC, including: chemical identification information, safety label elements, physico-chemical characteristics, hazard information, emergency measures, and listing status of the chemical in the specified catalogues of controlled chemicals as follows:

  • Catalogue of Hazardous Chemicals(2015)
  • Catalogue of Highly Toxic Goods (2003)
  • Catalogue of Explosives for Civilian Use
  • Catalogue of Explosive Precursors (2017)
  • Catalogue of Drug Precursors
  • Catalogue of Dangerous Chemicals for Priority Management
  • Catalogue of Major Hazard Installations for Hazardous Chemicals (Table 1)

The above Catalogues of controlled chemicals are all available in the LOLI database.

The platform is in Chinese except for chemical names which are available in both Chinese and English.


National Internet Service Platform for the Safety of Hazardous Chemicals (危险化学品安全公共服务互联网平台, in Chinese only):

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