CIS Center and ChemADVISOR Partner To Bring Products to the Russian Market

Posted on: February 12, 2014

February 4, 2014

Coordinating Informational Service Center (CIS Center), the premiere EHS and product safety compliance consultancy in Russia, and ChemADVISOR, Inc., have formed a partnership to help sell and support ChemADVISOR’s LOLI database and GCRR reports in Russia and the CIS countries.

This partnership will allow CIS Center to offer a broader set of solutions to its existing and potential customers.  The LOLI database and GCRR reports compliment the current international and Russian regulatory compliance services that CIS Center provides.

“For ChemADVISOR, this partnership is an opportunity to sell into one of the largest and fastest growing chemical markets in the world, and to do so with a partner who is intimate with the needs of the Russian chemical industry as well as with the specific requirements and practical implementation of Russian laws and standards,” said Andrew Dsida, President of ChemADVISOR.

ChemADVISOR’s LOLI (List of Lists) Database contains over 4800 regulatory lists from around the world, useful for SDS preparation and other regulatory compliance needs. Data sources include country inventories, physical/chemical properties and toxicity data as well as data necessary for international environmental, health and safety compliance. The coverage of Russian legislation in the LOLI Database includes more than 60 regulatory lists, covering a variety of different standards and legislation. As part of the partnership, a Russian user interface was developed for LOLI Desktop, LOLI in the Cloud, and ChemADVISOR Online products, for the convenience of Russian speaking users.

ChemADVISOR’s Global Chemical Regulatory Reports (GCRR) begin with a background section that introduces you to the legislative framework within each country or region, the main bodies in charge of legislation related to chemical regulation and links you to the gazette or register published by the country or region.  The report then provides a detailed summary of the regulatory environment in each country to allow an entity to successfully engage in that chemical marketplace.

About CIS Center:

CIS Center was founded as a non-profit organization which consolidates government and commercial structures with the best experts in the field of regulation and safe handling of chemicals. The mission of CIS Center is to provide professional consultancy assistance for enterprises and regulators regarding chemicals safety across the supply chain and throughout the whole product lifecycle in order to reduce trade barriers. CIS Center’s team includes experts on standardization, classification and labelling of substances and mixture, expert chemists and REACH and GLP consultants which can help your company find individual solutions.

CIS Center objectives:

  • Assistance for supply chain participants in the CIS countries and other countries in the field of chemical product safety including support for the chemicals identification process, classification, labelling, SDS and Russian Safety Passport (RSP) creation, authoring and registration of RSP and other activities.
  • Advisory services for the European Union and CIS legislation compliance.
  • Technical support for chemical importers.

CIS Center also offer companies in Russia and the CIS individual and corporate training sessions and workshops on chemical product safety, preparation of test facilities to comply with GLP Principles, harmonization of regulatory and technical documents and fulfilling its regulatory requirements.

About ChemADVISOR:

ChemADVISOR, Inc. is the indispensable source of Environmental, Health, Safety and Transportation information.  ChemADVISOR specializes in providing regulatory consulting services, regulatory products and regulatory training to meet our customer’s global regulatory compliance needs.

  • Consulting: ChemADVISOR provides SDS/label preparation or review of existing SDS/label for compliance with pertinent regulations. Additionally, ChemADVISOR conducts hazard evaluations, performs gap analysis, as well as provides due diligence activity. ChemADVISOR can also provide global chemical and product registration support.
  • Training: Training topics pertain to regulatory compliance and include courses on topics such as the Globally Harmonized System, International Hazard Communication, Regional and Country Specific Regulations, SDS (Safety Data Sheet) Authoring, Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulations and REACH.
  • Databases: ChemADVISOR maintains the LOLI Database, the OHS Pure Substance Database of pre-written SDSs, the Transportation Advisor Database and the Global Chemical Regulatory Reports (GCRR).  Data delivery is available in a variety of methods from weekly downloading to online access to quarterly delivery of a CD.


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