Colombia Publishes A Proposed Decree for the Establishment of a Hazardous Chemicals Inventory

Posted on: July 28, 2020

by Susana Planas MunGavin, MSc

Colombian Flag - Colombia Publishes A Proposed Decree for the Establishment of a Hazardous Chemicals Inventory On July 13, 2020, the Ministry of Environment published a draft Decree which will entail the establishment of a Hazardous Chemicals Inventory for industrial operations.

This release builds on the national policy for risk management related to the use of chemical substances. The objective is to achieve sound chemicals management and address the increasing challenges faced by industry regarding hazardous chemicals use and control for occupational exposure risk prevention.  An initial proposal was previously released in 2018.

The revised draft proposal introduces significant changes relating to chemical inventory reporting and substance registration as well as risk assessment and exposure monitoring.  The draft Decree is expected to be implemented within one or two years according to Colombia’s National Association of Industries (ANDI).

The draft Decree applies to importers, manufacturers, distributors, transporters and users of chemical substances.

In addition to the identification of substances, the inventory would include data on the intended uses, volume, and hazard classification according to GHS revision 6 which will have to be reported by industries producing or importing hazardous chemical substances in Colombia above 100 kg/year.  The inventory would not include data on mixtures.

The draft Decree would also require manufacturers and importers to perform annual risk assessments of substances, establish risk reduction management programs as well as the development of on-going exposure monitoring and control measures in order to identify and contain potential health effects from the use of chemical substances at the workplace.

Furthermore, the Ministries of Health and Social Protection and Labor envisage the development of a toxicological information and management system to advise and assist in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the adverse effects generated by exposure to chemical substances for industrial use and provide information on the need and type of treatment to be received by suitable personnel. This system will collect and analyze toxicological information on chemical substances for industrial use that are marketed in the country.

Finally, an important highlight of the draft Decree is that it will require the registration of chemical substances which have been reported to the inventory.

The actual effective date is yet to be determined, but the registry is expected to be up and running within two years from the implementation of the Decree.  The Decree would enter into force following its publication in the Official Gazette. The World Trade Organization (WTO) has been notified of the proposal and is carrying out a consultation until July 22, 2020.


Draft Decree of July 13, 2020 –


  • Colombia
  • South America
  • GHS
  • Chemical substances
  • Inventory, notification and registration
  • Risk assessment
  • Monitoring


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