ECHA Increases Transparency with Release of New Substance Evaluation Table

Posted on: October 31, 2018

Increased Transparencyby Eleanor Grimes, PhD

On October 18, 2018 ECHA released a public table that allows anyone, including substance registrants, to easily monitor the progress ECHA is making when the Agency undertakes the evaluation process on a substance. This table also allows you to view the final non-confidential decision documents when they become available.

As of October 31, 2018, there were 2691 unique substances in the table.

Increased Transparency

This release is part of an update to ECHA’s public activities coordination tool (PACT), which is designed to provide an overview of specific activities authorised under REACH and CLP. It has been built to provide increased transparency to the processes being undertaken by ECHA.

The compilation and evaluation of REACH dossiers for substances covers a large part of REACH’s mandate (the R and E stand for Registration and Evaluation). The compilation of a registration dossier is a requirement for any company manufacturing or importing over 1 tonne per annum of a substance into the EU. To prevent duplication of effort, and unnecessary testing on animals, registrants who manufacture/import the same substance are expected to work together and submit a joint registration.

The REACH Evaluation Process

The evaluation process under REACH covers three main areas:

  • The examination of testing proposals submitted by registrants
  • A compliance check of the REACH dossiers
  • The substance evaluation

The evaluation of the testing proposals and the compliance check are covered by the new table.

It should be noted that the evaluation process is undergoing some changes moving into 2019, as the focus switches from the lead registrant only, to all registrants speaking in a single voice. Therefore, after 1 January 2019, ECHA will address its decision to all registrants, with the registrants obliged to submit any further information jointly.

Next Steps

  • Visit the new webpage on the ECHA website to determine the status of a substance’s evaluation.
  • For registrants, update your registration dossier when necessary.

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ECHA’s Substance Evaluation Table


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