New EU Endocrine Disruptor Website Announced

Posted on: July 7, 2020

by Brigitta Liber

Woman typing on laptop keyboard -Learn more about the New EU Endocrine Disruptor Website AnnouncedThe Danish EPA has launched a new website as of the 2nd of June 2020 identifying substances with potential for endocrine disrupting properties. The information has been compiled after collaborating with the competent authorities in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Concerns about endocrine disruptors (EDs) have been increasing since the 1990s. Twenty-one years after the adoption of the European Commission’s Community Strategy in 1999, there is a strong need to update the EU’s approach on endocrine disruptors so that it coherently addresses these substances across all the related chemical regulations.

The intent of the Danish EPA for creating this information is to provide transparency and consistency across the different EU legislative fields. It is also to inform stakeholders and to facilitate further measures to identify and regulate EDs within the European Union.

The website classifies the substances into 3 groups:

  • List I: Substances identified as endocrine disruptors at the EU level
  • List II: Substances under evaluation for endocrine disruption under an EU legislation
  • List III: Substances considered, by the evaluating National Authority, to have endocrine disrupting properties

The three sets of lists presently identify chemical names, CAS numbers, health effects, environmental effects, CoRAP (Community Rolling Action Plan) substance evaluation status – for those on list II – and the corresponding EDs relevant regulations.

  • List I presently identifies 18 substances, which have been identified as ED by one of the EU chemical regulations such as REACH or BPR.
  • List II covers substances that are currently under evaluation by one of the EU chemical regulations for endocrine disrupting properties. This list currently has 84 entries.
  • List III contains 9 substances that are considered as EDs at the national level by one of the participating Member states.

Lists II and III were last updated in January 2020, whilst List I was updated in May 2020. It is anticipated that updates will occur at least twice a year.

Alongside this work the European Commission has developed a Fitness Check to reach a harmonised identification approach and control management process for EDs, with the report due by the end of 2020.


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