Poison Centres: A Guide for Annex VIII Compliance [slideshow]

Posted on: August 13, 2019

Do you need to submit a Poison Centre Notification?

In an attempt to harmonise Poison Centre information across the EU, Annex VIII to CLP was published in March 2017, and laid out a number of key processes, obligations, and deadlines relating to Poison Centre Notifications.

This slideshow will help you understand the key requirements of Annex VIII. These requirements—which must be satisfied to avoid the financial and legal costs of non-compliance—depend on the products you supply and your role in the supply chain.

For complete details, download the free White Paper—co-authored by UL Regulatory Specialists Dr. Charlotte Blackburn and Dr. Rebecca Pickering.


Poison Centres: What You Need To Know

For more information about Poison Centres, check out our dedicated Poison Centres Homepage, where you can find the latest resources, including White Papers, Webinars and FAQs to help you understand your obligations under Annex VIII. You can also learn more about our expert tools and services which can help you meet your compliance requirements.


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