Download Percefoni Doufou-Shafiq’s Cosmetics Presentation from In-Cosmetics Global, Paris

Posted on: April 29, 2019

UL Senior Regulatory Specialist Dr. Percefoni Doufou-Shafiq recently spoke at the In-Cosmetics Global exhibition in Paris, France, where she presented a technical seminar titled “Overview of the Cosmetic Global Regulatory Environment’’ to a full house of attendees.

The presentation focused on the differences between the regulatory status of cosmetic ingredients in international cosmetic regulations, covering four regions:

  • EU
  • US
  • Australia

Using a hypothetical formulation, it was demonstrated how the different international regulations can influence the choice of ingredients in a product. The presentation also touched on how cosmetic ingredients selection can be further influenced by retailer companies setting their own chemical policies and substance restrictions.

Download Percefoni’s Presentation

You can download the presentation here.

About In-Cosmetics Global

photo of makeup products - learn more about UL regulatory specialist presenting at in-Cosmetics GlobalThe exhibition included more than 800 international suppliers of cosmetic ingredients, as well as consulting and test laboratory companies, and software solutions. Together with the technical seminar, UL was also active in the exhibition with a booth, where the company’s Product Supply Chain Intelligence products and services were demonstrated and was proud to sponsor formulation lab activities.

Visitors had the opportunity to visit an array of technical seminars focusing on regulatory information regarding cosmetics, new cosmetic ingredients and innovations in cosmetic formulations. Topics such as increased use of natural materials, alternatives to microplastic use and sustainability were of great interest. In the formulation labs, visitors had the chance to have a hands-on experience with new ingredients and new formulation processes.

Since 1990, In-Cosmetics has been the leading event for personal care ingredients, giving access to suppliers, manufacturers and other professionals to global information on new material trends, testing and compliance services, and learning opportunities.

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