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UL Acquires ChemADVISOR

Posted on: November 20, 2017

In November 2017, UL secured the acquisition of Pittsburgh-based ChemADVISOR, a recognized world leader in chemical regulatory compliance and data solutions. The integration of ChemADVISOR’s environmental, health, safety and transportation solutions further demonstrates the continued evolution of UL’s world class Product Supply Chain Intelligence division – broadening the compliance solution services that help businesses overcome an increasingly stringent and intricate regulatory environment.

What were the industry challenges?

In an ever-evolving chemical regulatory landscape, navigating today’s global market is risky and complex. With businesses being held accountable to deliver accurate compliance in the products they design, manufacture, transport and sell, staying up-to-date with global regulatory changes is more critical than ever.

Constantly changing legislation, countless regulatory authorities, and multiple jurisdictions all ensure that achieving chemical regulatory compliance remains a relentlessly complex task, and with the various country-specific adoptions of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) – such as REACH, K-REACH, China REACH and TSCA – companies are feeling understandably overwhelmed.

How did ChemADVISOR help?

For more than 30 years, ChemADVISOR established itself as a leading provider of Environmental, Health, Safety and Transportation (EHS&T) information and regulatory compliance solutions to the global chemical-based manufacturing industry. With its reputation as a world class leader in the industry, boasting a chemical regulatory and substance database second to none, ChemADVISOR assisted a wide range of large multinational companies, covering more than 120 countries in 44 different languages.

The company provided a variety of database solutions, training programs, and regulatory consultancy services for handling hazardous materials globally, and hundreds of businesses relied on ChemADVISOR’s impressive portfolio to achieve accurate global chemical regulatory compliance, utilizing solutions such as:

  • The LOLI Database; a (List Of Lists) Database containing over 6,000 regulatory lists from more than 130 countries around the world, including health and safety regulations, international inventories, and reference materials.
  • Navigator; a software platform which summarizes the main chemical regulatory requirements for more than 50 countries, compiling the most important regulatory information in one convenient, easy to access place.
  • SDS & Label Authoring Services; which saw Regulatory Experts provide compliant documents for any regulatory region, with customizable support including audits and verification, translation services, and product classifications.
  • Global Product Registration Services; a wide range of services to assist companies in dealing with the product notification and registration requirements in all countries with chemical control regulations, such as REACH, TSCA, K-REACH and China REACH.
  • GHS Services; helping organisations classify substances and mixtures according to the various country-specific implementations of the Globally Harmonized System with accuracy and efficiency.
  • OHS Pure Substance Database; a database containing originally authored Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and Summary Sheets for more than 22,000 pure chemical substances.
  • Regulatory Training; a wide array of both online and classroom training courses specific to Environmental, Health, Safety and Transportation compliance.

The future

ChemADVISOR’s position as a world leader in the industry – combined with its unrivalled portfolio of database solutions and its experienced team of regulatory experts – provides the perfect fit to UL’s Product Supply Chain Intelligence division. Aligning with ChemADVISOR enables UL Product Supply Chain Intelligence to expand its full suite of value chain services to customers, giving them an added level of assurance when managing their complex global supply chains.


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