The EU’s new poison centre requirements – What should you expect?

New poison centre requirements are almost at the door within Europe with the first deadline being just over a year away. There is however much ambiguity, both within scope of the legislation itself, and also within industry. As the first deadline gets ever closer, these grey areas will start becoming more black and white and this webinar will seek to update the audience as far as is possible, whilst also laying out some of the ambiguities that still exist to date.

It is vital that industry around the world understands its role (if any) in this new, complex legislation. This is important so the relevant parties can begin setting up systems and process internally now, that will need to continue for many years to come. Whether companies need to submit information and by which deadline may vary from product to product, so complete clarity on this topic is crucial to ensure deadlines aren’t missed and penalties accrued.

Poison Centres: What You Need To Know

For more information about Poison Centres, check out our dedicated Poison Centres Homepage, where you can find the latest resources, including White Papers, Webinars and FAQs to help you understand your obligations under Annex VIII. You can also learn more about our expert tools and services which can help you meet your compliance requirements.


Date: September 6, 2018

Time: 11:00 am - 11:30 am (EST)

Duration: 30 minutes

  • English

Presenter(s): Dr. Amy Lawrence

Amy joined UL in 2012 and got to grips with the traditional hazard communication legislation within Europe (CLP, DSD/DPD, Reach, etc.) before moving on to understanding and applying GHS in other regions. Alongside this understanding came a flair for working with the detailed and complex Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and work required for other EU legislation. This was all demonstrated and practiced by working directly with clients both large and small, who supplied products ranging from complex UVCBs to consumer car cleaning products and therefore required advice, guidance, and documentation on all things from classification to packaging and Reach restrictions to SDSs. Working hand-in-hand with clients, Amy was also pivotal in developing UL’s GHS Professional, a leading piece of software ensuring compliance involved with classification, labeling, and Safety Data Sheet authoring.


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