HazCom Compliance Simplified.

Manage your chemical compliance needs with the help of global regulatory expertise and leading resources.

Many companies often find their regulatory compliance and EHS teams challenged by limited staff and time. Despite a lack of resource and expertise, the need to remain compliant persists, and is often exacerbated as regulations continue to change.

Despite well-intentioned efforts to standardize chemical regulations across the globe through the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), companies still have to navigate guidelines that vary widely from state to state and country to country. In response to these challenges, companies must find solutions to help ensure accurate and sustained global regulatory compliance.

UL can help.

UL’s team of more than 50 global regulatory experts are available to help you achieve chemical regulatory compliance. Additionally, we offer market-leading hazard communication and compliance software that empowers your team to manage EHS initiatives and mitigate the risks of non-compliance.

Manage your chemical compliance needs

UL can help you further your company’s environmental, health and safety goals while expanding the marketability of your products. Our experienced global network of scientists, consultants and regulatory experts are your trusted partner, helping you establish internal programs for chemical compliance across all phases of your products’ life cycle.

  • More than 30 years of experience with global chemical supply chain customers
  • Software options for every size of business and budget
  • Platforms are scalable, configurable and flexible, and can be integrated with other business systems

Know who to trust.

UL helps thousands of companies pursue accurate chemical regulatory compliance every day. Through that experience, we have become a world leader in supplying comprehensive regulatory services to industries across the globe.

Our experienced global network of scientists, consultants and regulatory experts can help you develop a robust compliance strategy, understand the impact of regulations, and offer real-time insights and monitoring tools.

With over 30 years of market leading experience in helping company of all sizes achieve global regulatory compliance, you know who to trust.

Manage your chemical compliance needs with the help of UL’s global regulatory expertise and software resources. Speak with one of our experts to schedule a software demo, or to simply learn more about how we can help you easily navigate global regulatory requirements and pursue accurate chemical compliance.

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