EU SDS Authoring

PLEASE NOTE: In light of the global response to COVID-19, all Classroom Training has been temporarily suspended. We will update you with new training dates and alternative arrangements as soon as possible.

The EU SDS Authoring Training Course originally scheduled for 16th July 2020 will now take place as a live online training session over two days:

  • 16th July 2020 (1:30 PM – 4:30 PM BST)
  • 17th July 2020 (1:30 PM – 4:30 PM BST)

Course Summary

This interactive one day training course has been specifically designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the legal requirements of, along with a practical approach to, authoring compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2015/830 – specifically REACH Annex II.

Benefits Of Attending

You will benefit from a detailed study of the SDS, comprehensively covering the requirements outlined in the REACH regulations.

The interactive nature of the course also enables you to go through numerous examples, and you will be provided with extra information to support the SDS authoring process, both enhancing your authoring skills and improving the quality of your SDSs.

Once equipped with this knowledge and application, both you and your company will be able to approach chemical regulatory compliance with clarity and confidence.

Who Should Attend This Course?

This course has been created specifically for individuals with a requirement to understand the obligations for provision of SDSs in the EU and the practical SDS authoring process. Attendees may already have authoring skills and want to build on that knowledge, or may be relatively new and inexperienced authors who would benefit from this structured interactive approach from our experienced regulatory specialists. 

If you are also involved in classification and labelling in accordance with EU requirements, this course can be booked in conjunction with our EU Classification & Labelling Course, which takes place on the previous day in both Pittsburgh and Nottingham respectively.

Upcoming Course Dates

Event DatesLocationSeats AvailableEvent Registration
Nov 29, 2018 - Dec 9, 2018Nottingham, UKClosedRegistration Closed
May 4, 2021 - May 14, 2021OnlineOpenRegistration

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Full Course Overview

This one day course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements that must be considered when authoring and reviewing REACH Annex II compliant SDSs. 

Companies placing chemical products on the market have a responsibility to supply their customers with compliant SDSs, as a means of communicating important hazard information and advice on safety precautions, and ensuring the safe handling, storageuse and disposal of products. This can be a complicated task requiring knowledge in a variety of technical areas, and despite the SDS being a well-recognised and important document, there are many common compliance issues. 

This course involves a detailed study of the SDS according to REACH Annex II, relating to the preparation and provision of SDSs. It adopts an interactive approach of examples and extra information supporting the SDS authoring process which will enhance your skills and improve the quality of your SDSs.

The adoption of some basic quick checks will help you achieve a higher level of compliance, satisfying the expectations of the Member State Competent Authorities.  

Once equipped with this knowledge and application, both you and your company will be able to approach chemical regulatory compliance with clarity and confidence.

What Does The Course Cover?

  • Background to the current SDS requirements and SDS distribution
  • Data sourcing
  • Legislative updates
  • Detailed evaluation of the content requirements for Sections 1-16
  • A practical approach to completing the sections
  • An introduction to Extended SDSs
  • Consistency and basic compliance checks

About The Presenters

This course has been designed and is delivered by the experienced regulatory specialists in our Global Regulatory Advisory Team, utilising many years of experience across a broad range of industries.

Our team are asked many common SDS questions on a regular basis and this course will address those, as well as any other specific questions that you may have. 

Where & When Is The Training Course?

The EU SDS Authoring Training Course has sessions taking place at our training facility in Pittsburgh, PA and our training facility in Nottingham, UK.

The fee for attending this training course is $600 per person (Pittsburgh, PA), or £395 + VAT per person (Nottingham, UK).

Would You Like More Information?

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