REACH Essentials [Online ]

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Course Summary

This online Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Essentials course is designed to provide you with not only an overview of the new EU chemicals policy, but also the essential tools for compliance to REACH requirements.

While this course assumes that you already have minimal knowledge of the Regulation, it also offers you the opportunity to address specific specialized topics, including formulating registration dossiers and chemical safety reports, in addition to understanding changes in the SDS.

Benefits of Attending

Upon conclusion of the course, you will be able to competently navigate the intricate web of definitions, implementation schedules, and requisite documentation required for compliance with REACH.

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Course Registration

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Full Course Overview

The emphasis of the course will be topics of interest to regulatory professionals such as the registration process, requirements for downstream-users, data sharing, and documentation. In light of the complexity of REACH’s scope and staggered implementation dates for its provisions, the course will include a comprehensive discussion of the regulation’s timeline and applicability as well as any affected legislation.

The REACH Essentials course is focused on the regulation itself and specifically addresses REACH requirements in terms of the regulatory text.

REACH Essentials will provide you with the necessary tools to begin implementing compliance to this very intricate and complex regulation.

Course Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Registration
  • Evaluation
  • Authorization
  • Restriction
  • Documentation Requirements
    • Registration Dossier
    • Chemical Safety Report
    • Information in the Supply Chain
  • Downstream User Requirements
  • Classification & Labelling Inventory

Course Registration Details

Online Session

Price $600

Event DatesLocationSeats AvailableEvent Registration

Please Note: We are currently in the process of updating our Training Portal. If a link to register for these courses does not appear in the table above, please complete our Training Request Form or contact to confirm your Registration.

Course Certification

  • This course qualifies for recertification points for both ABIH and CHMMs.

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