Take the complexity out of authoring a GHS compliant SDS

The ULGHS self-service SDS (Safety Data Sheet) authoring tool is a first of its kind, automated GHS-compliant SDS authoring solution perfectly suited for the small to mid-size company that produce chemical-containing products.

Starting at only $275 USD per product document, our SDS tool can be your most valuable asset in your GHS implementation strategy.



Cost-effective & efficient

SDS self-service fees are as follows:

  • $275 USD per product
  • $350 USD per product regulated for transport

Additional language translation; $125 USD per language


ULGHS Logic Tree

How it works

Our self-service tool is based on a logic tree of questions powered by the automation intelligence of the UL WERCSmart proprietary data engine. Your answers will determine the logic applied to each subsequent question. After submission, you will receive a UL format-approved, GHS-compliant safety data sheet within 5 business days.





ULGHS Regions

Regions served

GHS Regions include:
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • EU/CLP
  • Japan
  • Korea

Authoring results meet OSHA battery requirements

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Learn how ULGHS.com can enhance your approach to creating Safety Data Sheets.

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