Vietnam Releases a Third Draft of the National Chemical Inventory

Posted on: September 19, 2018

Vietnam National Chemical Inventoryby Thuy Dang

On September 14, 2018, Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and the Vietnam Chemical Agency (VINACHEMIA) issued an official text No 902/HC-CNHC to announce the third draft of the “National Chemical Inventory (NCI)” for feedback.

This September version of the National Chemical Inventory consists of about 31,750 chemicals with CAS numbers, which is a large increase in the number of chemicals added in comparison to the previous versions of the inventory. By comparison, the March version had about 5000 chemicals, and the September draft contained about 3000 chemicals.

The CAS numbers and chemical names were compiled from different foreign inventories and legislation, supplier portals and public databases.

Feedback to the Vietnam Chemical Agency

In case the CAS numbers have not been included in the draft or the existing CAS numbers contain inaccurate information, enterprises and related organizations can send feedback and contributions to the Vietnam Chemical Agency.  The deadline for submission is October 15, 2018 and VINACHEMIA will stop receiving feedback after this time.

VINACHEMIA also announced that they have developed software to report and check for chemicals on the NCI.

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Useful Information

The official text No. 902/HC-CNHC of VINACHEMIA (available in Vietnamese only):

The draft can be downloaded from the website of VINACHEMIA:

The software is downloadable from:!At55XAvfvmLDgcUHhbWpw_n5w4Ypzg and the manual is at


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