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UL Introduces Connect – a B2B Lead Generation Solution

Posted on: April 25, 2017

In April of 2017, UL introduced ‘Connect’, a new B2B lead generation solution. This product was developed based on feedback and requests to have real time sales and marketing intelligence delivered directly to customers.

What were the challenges with other B2B lead generation solutions?

Lead quality and the amount of time it takes for sales and marketing to receive a lead are the two most common challenges with B2B lead generation solutions for raw material suppliers. What is considered a lead varies greatly from solution to solution and these classifications don’t always match what an organization  considers to be a lead. Additionally, transparency around what a B2B lead generation solution defines as a lead is often difficult to find.

Timing between when a lead is generated and when a company receives it is a large pain point in the industry. The speed with which a company can respond to leads is a determining factor whether, or not, the lead will convert. When a lead is in a buying mode, delaying a response by days or weeks as companies wait for lead data to be delivered to them can mean that the interested party has purchased from another company.

How does Connect address B2B lead generation challenges? 

Connect was developed with customer needs, pain points, and feedback in mind. Connect provides insights on which industry professionals are actually looking at your products on Users of are verified industry professionals, and the majority are in positions to make buying decisions. Therefore, when a user views your products, they have a real need and interest in your product.  Filtering, flagging and favoriting tools are available to ensure that the qualified B2B leads which your organization wants to follow-up on are easy to find.  For example, you can isolate and prioritize leads which have requested a sample to follow up with these highly interested professionals first.

Timely receipt of leads is another key feature that sets the Connect solution apart. This B2B lead generation tool pushes insights to companies in real time, meaning you don’t lose valuable time waiting for batch processing or reporting cycles to receive insights around who is looking at your products. This real time data ensures your sales and marketing teams can follow up with an interested party while they are still in a buying mode.

 The future

Connect continues to add features based on user feedback. Features added since the product launched include:

  • The ability to share lead groups internally or with external parties (like distributors)
  • The ability to isolate leads from users who have submitted a sample request
  • The integration of analytical features which allow sales & marketing teams to quickly assess trends and insights around interest in their products

Connect is one of many solutions UL offers to sales and marketing professionals targeting chemical buyers. Advertising & Digital Media solutions, CRM lead integration, datasheet services and other offerings can be found at PSI.UL.Com.


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