REACH Practical Implementation

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Course Overview

Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Practical Implementation is designed to provide industry professionals with an overview of the most timely and pertinent technical guidance available. This one-day course can be seen as an extension to REACH Essentials, so it  assumes that attendees bring with them some introductory knowledge of REACH.  A brief overview of the Regulation is provided and key terms reviewed over the day. Topics may vary, but will include an introduction to IUCLID6 and REACH IT. Other topics including, available technical guidance on polymers, intermediates, scientific research and development and PPORD, articles and information requirements will be addressed as well. The day concludes with a workshop designed to challenge attendees with their understanding of the topics discussed throughout the day. The Practical Implementation course is essentially designed to utilize the technical guidance documents as textbooks and the workshops as an opportunity to put the guidance to work. As time and topic choice allows, upon conclusion of the course, students should be able to identify mono-constituent and multi-constituent substances in terms of REACH requirements, “calculate” information requirements for substances whose tonnages vary over several uses, competently use REACH Navigator to generate lists of requirements, identify some of the basic functions of IUCLID6, analyze and identify requirements for polymers and monomers, and be able to identify and fulfill data requirements.

Typically offered on consecutive days, REACH Essentials and REACH Practical Implementation, when taken together, provide attendees with the necessary tools to begin implementing compliance to this very intricate and complex regulation. While not required, it is recommended that attendees take REACH Essentials prior to the Practical Implementation course.

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Course Agenda

  • Review REACH Essentials – Q&A
  • Technical Guidance Documents – Overview
  • IT Tools:  IUCLID6, REACHIT, other
  • Various Subjects from Technical Guidance
    • Pre-registration, SIEFs and Data Sharing
    • Registration
    • Polymers and Monomers
    • Intermediates
    • SR&D and PPORD
    • Articles
    • Documentation and Information & Testing Requirements
    • Chemical Safety Reports
  • Q&A and Workshop

Course Certification

This course qualifies for recertification points for both ABIH and CHMMs.

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Upcoming Course Dates

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For more information about this course or to request training at your location, please complete our Training Request form.

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